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Our Story

Kline Collective is a boutique art gallery based in the Bangkok, Thailand, specializing in bringing the best contemporary artworks by emerging artists from Asia and beyond. With a mission to let arts tell the edgy visual story of people’s space, the gallery curates handmade art paintings that are bold in color, elegant, bespoke, modern with a sophisticated flair. It brings richness, simplicity and visual aesthetic experience to people’s lives.

Fueled by a love for mixing modern art and honoring the unique architecture of a space, Kline Collective infuses peace, joy and therapeutic elements into each art piece it curates. The artwork aims at artfully merging modern art and design inspirations. The result: the artworks can complete details of client’s interior design, personality, creativity and inspirations, and blend colors and styles that will not disappoint.

Kline Collective’s artworks are endorsed by the Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Starbucks Coffee, Starwood Hotels, MedPark Hospital Bangkok and more. The gallery ships all artworks for free worldwide.

Meet The Founder

Kline Collective has been put together by the gallery’s founder, Sayapha Mayuraritip. Her story began as an interior designer and art consultant in Bangkok, Thailand. Sayapha’s early artistic exposure in visual merchandizing played a large role in training her eye for all things relating to fine art and design. She was deeply inspired by the response she can get from her clients asking her about choosing art as a gift for their friends and life partners, a piece to fill a hospital corridor wall where patients laying on their backs can have something nice to see, and beautiful art works that inspire creativity for an office of a start-up company.

Her burning passion for arts and design is closely matching her desire to pursue a career in arts, as she sensed that art has a special place in people’s hearts, and people believe in what art could do for people around them, as they welcomed art as a daily reminder of people’s humanity and creativity. Therefore, she founded Kline Collective in 2021. She wished her gallery can introduce amazing artworks done by young and talented artists to global art lovers. With unparalleled attention to detail, scale and proportion, she prides herself on her ability to merge disparate styles and curates arts with personalities as individual as her clients.

Delicate Handmade Paintings Expertly Crafted by Artists

Art can help create opportunities for social discourse, and deepen our understanding about who we are as human beings, cultures and heritage. Kline Collective is serious in bringing original artwork created by emerging artists to global audience. We believe in giving only the best to our clients and never compromise on quality of our products and services. Art should be affordable for all, not just the rich. Kline Collective remembers this simple mantra.

We achieve this by building our site to be the most convenient, secure and trustful online portal for art lovers. Kline Collective loves to connect regional art communities to global audience. We hope to inspire humane and sustainable futures through every encounter with art we promote and sell.

Let Unique Artwork Tell The Visual Story

The diverse collection includes arts created by emerging contemporary artists from Thailand, China, Vietnam, Philippines, New Zealand, Oceania and beyond. It includes handmade contemporary paintings, paintings with acrylic and paintings on canvas. The themes include but not limited to abstract art, modern paintings, minimalist style paintings and large size wall paintings. So, whether you’re an art connoisseur or have a keen eye for spotting the stars of tomorrow, you’re certain to find something of interest here. 

Kline Collective eschews mass-produce. Because we celebrate diversity and creativity. Unique artwork is a way for us to support and cultivate young artists, as well as creating elevated interiors that honestly reflect a client’s distinct personality.

All artworks are hand-painted by artists. When artworks are finished, a photo and video will be sent to clients for approval.

Our Commercial Clients

Our artworks have been recognized by hotels and corporations like The Ritz-Carlton, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Starbucks and many more.

Shipping Worldwide

Express shipping to over 200 countries.

Free Returns

Free returns within 30 days of receiving your order.

Order Tracking

Order fulfilment status will be shown in your account.

Fast Delivery

Finished artwork will be dispatched within 24-48 hours.

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