Bespoke Commissions

A famous reproduction in oil – or something completely new? Our bespoke commissions offer the chance to collaborate with Kline Collective on an exquisite piece of art to display in your home. We believe commissioning an artwork should be a joyful, unique experience. Commissioned by prestigious luxury brands such as the Ritz-Carlton and Starwood hotel groups, our clients encompass luxury condominiums, coffee shops, and hospitals.

We work closely with our clients, customizing artworks to their exact specifications. We ensure your custom-made artworks don’t just decorate a space – they enhance and uplift it. From an unexpected gift to a large-scale work that’s bursting with character, collaborating with Kline Collective means creating a bespoke artwork that’s truly you.

Contemporary Storytelling

Our bespoke commissions are an opportunity to see your brand interpreted through the eyes of an artist. Our artists transform your brand’s ethos and values into unique masterpieces – making the perfect gift or client incentive.

Our main considerations? Getting to the heart of your brand. Telling your story. Showcasing your brand’s values in the most creative ways possible. It’s a crucial part of all our bespoke commissions, and one of the first stages in our art curating process.

An Enjoyable and Uplifting Process

At Kline Collective, we believe the commissioning process should be fun and enjoyable. It’s an opportunity to tell a story on social media, to keep clients engaged and interested. Once the artwork is finished, we’ll provide photo-realistic digital renders of your commission. We offer two sets of revisions, so you can sign off the final artwork knowing it’s exactly what you envisaged.

We produce every artwork with the utmost attention to detail – from the tiniest brushstroke to the rich world of implied meaning. Bringing your story to life through art is a genuinely joyful experience for us. When it comes to a bespoke commission, we’re here to make magic happen.

1. The Initial Consultation

We will work with you to choose the style of artwork, subject matter, composition, medium, size, and colorway. Our commissions are always created in close conversation with the client.

We believe that commissioning an artwork should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for the artist and client. Our team can guide you as much, or as little, as you need – we’ll go through the process together.

Our consultants will invite you to share your thoughts and ideas, so we can form an initial idea of what you’d like to achieve. This is the perfect time to share any relevant imagery with us, such as photographs or personal effects.

2. The First Draft

Next, we’ll research the themes you’ve given us. Our artists will sketch out the different design elements that comprise your unique artwork. We’ll deliver an initial sketch of your bespoke artwork, with the opportunity for two revisions.


3. Bringing Your Artwork to Life

The next stage? Finding the artist who will bring your bespoke commission to life. One of our art consultants will take ownership of the process. They’ll personally sign off on the materials, overseeing every stage. They’re meticulous about every detail, working closely with artists throughout Thailand and Asia to bring your vision to life. This process takes about two weeks.

Our artists will use a combination of traditional drawing and painting techniques. They can work with watercolor, oil, or acrylic. They use the highest-quality materials and acid-free supports – ensuring your artwork can be appreciated long into the future.

4. Delivery

Once your bespoke artwork is completed, we do a final inspection. When we’re happy with the final touches, the artwork is ready to be dispatched.

We can also arrange for professional, limited-edition prints of your bespoke commission. These signed prints make wonderful gifts for your clients or colleagues.

Get In Touch

If you’re interested in working with Kline Collective to create a bespoke artwork, please get in touch. We’d love to talk you through the process and discuss your ideas. Call us on +1(310) 289-3052, or use the enquiry form below. If you have any ideas or inspiration you’d like to share, send them to [email protected]

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