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How to Zen Up Your Bedroom with Art

Consumers today have more artworks and home decors to choose from than any other in history. We can buy traditional fine arts, pop arts, prints. Despite this abundance, many consumers might forget how to use artworks as a way to develop a harmonious environment for their spaces. Modern lifestyle, electronic equipment, erratic and stressful times […]

Black and White Canvas Art in 2022

Kline Collection 2022 Although black and white is considered an old thing in photography art, in wall art trend we have seen black and white paintings increased interest over the past decade. The trend for black and white painting to move into a residential and commercial space or create art on a canvas is likely […]

Textured Oil Painting

The Basics of Textured Oil Painting What is Textured Oil Painting? You may be familiar with many works such as ‘Starry night’ by Vincent Van Gogh, where you can see different layers of the image seemingly emerging off of the canvas. What creates this optical illusion is layering textures, one on top of another. One […]

Abstract Expressionism

Abstract Expressionism is a type of painting that emerged in New York in the late 1940s and continued to dominate the American art scene through the 1950s. Abstract Expressionists usually worked on large canvases and emphasized the sensuousness of paint. It covered a variety of painting styles, but all its practitioners conveyed a strong emotional content.

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