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Frames We Use

We offer a number of different artwork on this website, our objective is to offer every type of art style that our customers want, ranging from panoramic to landscape layouts through to the following framing options: rolled canvas (unframed), stretched out and floating frames.

Framing is a media for the artwork. We believe that it is very important because it adds life and characters to the artwork. In this page we will explain to you in details about each option.

Rolled Canvas (Unframed)

A rolled or un-stretched canvas is just the printed canvas without the wooden frame, it is delivered rolled ready to be framed your a local framer or draped as it is without a frame. Most people order rolled canvas prints for ease when moving them long distances for example overseas. The following products we sold on Kline Collective offer Rolled Canvas option:

  • Canvas Print Art
  • Oil Painting

We recommend customers to order rolled canvas when:

  • Ordering from overseas
  • Ordering artwork with very large size (over 90cm)
  • Having specific glazing requirements
  • Saving cost on shipping
  • Preferring to choose the specific frame locally

Stretched Out

A stretched out canvas is a type of artwork that the finished artwork on canvas is stretched over a kiln-dried timber frame, (or we call it stretcher bars). Sometimes it is called gallery wrap. The canvas is often wrapped around the edges of the frame as well as the front. Meaning that the image can be viewed from the sides, as well as face on. This option is great for customers who do not need an outer frame. 

We recommend customers to order stretched out canvas when:

  • Ordering artwork with size smaller than 100cm
  • Not needing outer frame
  • Preferring to choose the specific outer frame locally

Floating Frame

Floating frames or otherwise known as ‘Floater frames’ are a type of picture frame that is intended for use with a stretched canvas. The canvas is placed inside the floating frame, which adds a nice framing effect to the canvas print, effectively combining the ‘gallery wrap’ effect of the canvas with a nice framing effect. Our available color options include:

  • Black
  • White
  • Golden
  • Wooden

We recommend customers to order artwork with floating frame when:

  • Ordering artwork with sizer smaller than 120cm
  • Preferring to have their artwork framed by us
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