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Kline Collective Launches Care Collection to Support Mental Health Awareness Month

Kline Collection 2022

Kline Collective presents the latest artworks: Care Collection as part of the efforts to raise awareness and increase understanding about mental health through art. The collection is developed by Kline Collective, a boutique online art gallery based in Bangkok, Thailand. A total of 84 hand-painted artworks are helmed by independent curators. The collection features a selection of art paintings by emerging local Thai and Asian contemporary artists. The artworks are selected based on six themes: Shock and Denial, Acceptance and Hope, Self-Love, Growth, Courage and Resilience, and Evolve.

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Care Collection: Exploring Mental Health Through Art


The mission of Kline Collective gallery is to deepen people’s understanding as human beings, and inspire humane and sustainable futures through every encounter with art. Many of the artworks featured at the Care Collection will be making their debut at the gallery. This introduction speaks to the spirit of Kline Collective, which aims to deepen people understanding as human beings. It also supports the art community and provide artists and cultural workers with a prominent platform to showcase their work.

Many countries in the world have observed May as Mental Health Awareness Month, which attempts to raise awareness and increase understanding about mental health. Kline Collective recognizes that art is a powerful tool that can bring comfort and relief from the everyday.

The Care Collection features the works of over 80 abstract art paintings that explore parts of the art collection through a mental health lens. This is designed to allow a closer look at favorite works on display in the gallery and to encourage dialogue around contemporary mental health issues in society. The public will experience diverse art works that draw them into poetic meditations on the present state of affairs in their mental wellbeing and invite them to explore the notions of self-growth.

Art can bring peace to people’s lives


The Care Collection has been put together by the gallery’s founder, Sayapha Mayuraritip, started the gallery in 2021, who wished her gallery can introduce amazing artworks done by young and talented artists to global art lovers.

She is amazed by the response she can get from their clients. “We hear from our clients asking us about choosing art as a gift for their friends and life partners, a piece to fill a hospital corridor wall where patients laying on their backs can have something nice to see, and beautiful art works that inspire creativity for an office of a start-up company.” Overall, she sensed that art has a special place in people’s hearts, and people believe in what art could do for people around them, as they welcomed art as a daily reminder of people’s humanity and creativity.

“We are too busy with lives. We have too many distractions in our society. We have too many news going on that grab our attention. By letting people choose artful pieces at home, artwork reminds us that we love to see and focus on something we believe is important, something that can calm our hearts and souls after a tiring day.” She sensed an urge to heal and felt that people tended to personify artworks by suggesting that they can experience healing experience through art.

Ending mental health stigma through art


Kline Collective wants to explore the impact that mental illness is having on society, and the role the arts can play to both encourage positive self-expression and guide effective mental health promotion and treatment. The Care Collection examines creative responses to mental health conditions through the inclusion of artworks of different colors and style, a variety of artistic techniques and forms.

“Kline Collective is open. I am eager to work to achieve change in society related to mental health, which is to end the stigma attached to mental health. I strongly believe that removing the stigma connected to mental health, that is currently experienced by many especially in Asia, will have a positive outcome for us all,” says Sayapha.

“The Care Collection is a good opportunity for us to connect with others again and have a conversion about mental health. I believe that is a new way. By introducing the beautiful artworks of different colors and techniques, we can invite ourselves the questions about what the artworks we want represent us. Why do we like this piece of artwork? Why do we like this color? In this way, there is a welcome awareness of our fragility and our resilience when it comes to our own mental health.”

Kline Collective hopes that the care collection can make people more open to discuss a variety of mental health topics, such as discussing anxiety and wellness, and it can make the public comfort level stretch to an openness to discuss trauma, recovery, depression and more. In general, Kline Collective opens that when people buy artworks online to their home, it can help bring the conversation with the public around mental health. It hopes that the collection can bring discussions about mental health from multiple angles, bringing their own unique cultural understanding to the topics addressed.

About Kline Collective

Kline Collective is a boutique art gallery that showcases the exceptional handmade artworks by emerging artists worldwide. Designed to engage both the art community and the public at large, the gallery offers a platform for artistic experimentation and encourages the promotion of visual art and handmade paintings to global audience. The gallery forms collaborations and partnerships with emerging artists, art collectors and global art lovers. The mission of the artwork curated is to make people feel inspired, warm, therapeutic, joyful, and above all else, to promote shared understanding in the world. The gallery is based in Bangkok, Thailand. All artworks can be shipped to customers worldwide.

To learn more about the collection, please visit this page for more information.

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