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Art will set us free.

More than just a gallery, Kline Collective is a social activist, educational hub and forum of cultural exchange. We offer various community programs to facilitate a process of development, with the ambition of making a positive social change all over the world.

Art can help create opportunities for social discourse and deepen our understanding about who we are as human beings, cultures and heritage. We believe that art will evolve into philanthropy with a social impact that can make a difference to broader communities.

Our initiatives aimed to:

• Support artists by providing grants, visibility, and career enhancing validation to artists

• Create a paradigm shift that develops positive and sustainable change in the home décor industry

• Foster a healthier world by promoting shared understanding and helping the ones in need

Artists Support Programs

We are always interested in seeing new work and pride ourselves on discovering and nurturing talent. Kline Collective works with generous group of funders who help the gallery to both sustain existing programs as well as to develop new ones for the emerging artists.

Below is a list of existing programs. For more information, please contact Miss Sayapha at +66 92 724 8017 or [email protected].


Artist Career Development

If artists would like their works to be considered for use in the many markets in which we operate, we would love to hear from you. Artists who are selected to be published by Kline Collective can also benefit from our industry knowledge and can seek advice on topics such as image licensing and gallery representation.


Art Fund Program
As galleries around the world negotiate the challenges caused by the pandemic, we’ll continue to be here for all our artists. We know times remain uncertain and so, whether you want to discuss a new application for special grants or funding for your project, or you’re a current grant holder and need additional flexibility, please do get in touch.


Artist Insurance Program (Thailand Only)
In life there are uncertainties and unfortunate events. We understand that life can be tough for artists who are affected by illnesses and can’t afford to pay for important health care services because some artists might be underinsured due to various life circumstances. Kline Collective starts to partner with insurance companies in Asia which support a variety of health care assistance programs for artists. If you are an artist from Thailand, please do get in touch.


Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

Our vision is to be the world’s most valued art and design collective from Asia and Oceania. To get there, we must advocate for the values we believe in. We are challenging the unsustainable art décor industry by creating simple solutions in the form of our packages, materials we use, supply chain and labor practices. We do everything all out of recycled materials and reusable materials. We begin with what’s left over. Turn it into what will last.

You can learn more about our priorities and how we and our customers can help.

We advocate for:

• Reuse, recycle, reduce in all packages we use
• Support of local framers
• Use of eco-friendly art supplies

Share the Message. Follow us on social media and help spread the word about us.

Community Development

We remain steadfast in our commitment to celebrate and support all things local. It means getting our customers go to their local craftsman, choose the frame that best compliments their artwork. And, perhaps most importantly, helping you fall in love with local framers and their design.

Make a Difference

Over the decades, our word has become increasingly fragmented and turbulent. Kline Collective’s vision is to help the world make a difference through arts and peace promotion. We do it because we believe that art will set us free.

Art therapy offers people permission through their natural inclination of creative expression, to communicate experiences or emotions, especially when verbalization through talking alone may be unsuccessful. Now, art therapy was a recognized field requiring certification and training in both art and therapy. Art therapy has also moved outside of mental health facilities and into other community settings such as schools, shelters, nursing homes, residential treatment facilities and halfway houses.

We believe that art therapy provides creative, healthy ways to help people of all ages decrease anxiety and worry, soothe, and regulate emotions and behavior. It can help strengthen a person’s sense of self, self-esteem and overall awareness and discovery about identity and worth.

Kline Collective will be donation 1% of all orders to non-profit organizations whose mission is to heal emotional distress and trauma through art therapy across war-torn regions. The organizations Kline Collective supporting include Voices of Children, Art of Hope and Samaritan’s Purse. You are welcome to learn more about their works by clicking the links below.

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