Kline Collection | Handmade Oil Painting by Emerging Artists

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Our time on earth is limited. But our time in memories is unlimited. No matter where you are, you can take this opportunity to express how much this day means to you and your loved ones. Choose one of the best paintings from our Spring Collection as a gift or an expression of gratitude. Make this day memorable. Discount available until 8th May 2022.

Unique and Original, not Mass-Produced

We embrace large size wall art because our home needs a statement piece. Unique and original giant canvases, mainly oil paintings, which are reasonably priced, can be found in our art spaces. They are ready to adorn the otherwise plain white walls.

Bring Peace and Calm to Your Home

The art pieces we curated are the reflections of our hope: to help you create a peaceful home. A home that feels restful, restorative and soothing. From limited editions paintings to modernish masterpieces, our pick of the best art pieces has you covered.

Championing Artists and Customers

Kline Collective is known for not only displaying works of the masters but it also prides itself on supporting emerging artists. We are also a masterpiece in customer service. Shipping, delivery, returns, refunds. We care.

Perfect Gifts for Mother's Day

The Spring Collection is curated for an inspiring season, imbued with renewed spirit, artistic perspective, thirst for experiment, and passion for beauty.

Art that Promotes Shared Understanding

Kline Collective presents a platform for artistic experimentation of young artists and encourages the promotion of visual art and handmade paintings of emerging artists to global audience. We are curating private collections by emerging artists in the region, with the aim of making people feel inspired, warm, therapeutic, joyful, and above all else, to promote shared understanding in our world.

Our gallery is working towards a humane and sustainable future by committing to responsible practices within its processes. All artworks are hand-painted by emerging artists. All of our artwork size can be custom made to c