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Using bold colors and a little bit of pop colors to create a sense of mystery, Ukrainian architect, interior designer and artist Anastasiia Bakhchevan creates artworks that are fuelled by intuition and a fascination with dark colors. Originally from Odessa, Ukraine, she works as an architect, interior designer and illustration with over 8 years of experience in both commercial and residential. Her main interest is 3D visualization. As an artist, she likes working with watercolor, oil, ink, etc. A very talented illustrator, artist and world builder.

Her style is bold and brave, and she finds great inspiration in using unusual patterns and hues that add mystery and intrigue to the interior. “Most people are afraid of dark colors, especially in the interiors. It is easy to overdo it with them.” Kline Collective collaborates with Anastasiia on a special collection inspired y war. Dark light with little bit of horizontal stripe was inspired by what has been happening in Ukraine over the last year where people spent the days and nights without electricity. It was darkness day and night. Her works remind people of having hope. The light stripe is the hope that pierces through all the pitch darkness.

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