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Welcome to Kline Collective

Welcome to Kline Collective

Kline Collective is a boutique art online collective that showcases the exceptional handmade artworks by emerging artists from Asia and Oceania. Designed to engage both the art community and the public at large, our collective offers a platform for artistic experimentation and encourages the promotion of visual art and handmade paintings from the region to global audience. Our vision is to be the world’s most valued art and design collective from Asia and Oceania. We do this through collaborations and partnerships with emerging artists, art collectors and global art lovers. We hope the artwork we sell can make you feel inspired, warm, therapeutic, joyful, and above all else, to promote shared understanding in our world.

Our Story

At 28 years old, Sayapha Mayuraritip was confused at the stage of her life. She felt that it was a stage in her life when she needed to make some very important decisions. It was a time for her to consider make more contributions to the world. She was confused about both the external and internal world around her: the chaos, economy, future, relationships. It’s how Kline Collective was born. In 2017, from around a little kitchen table, came an idea that would inspire the her when she looked at the drawings of her own – to bring comfort to others through art – especially the most unique, stylish and never-before-seen arts that are hard to find anywhere else. She determined to make her own art studio in her native land Bangkok to do what she does best – surprise others with thoughtful art, original design, unforgettable experiences and more.

Kline Collective started as an online collection that represents the exceptional artworks by emerging artists from Asia and Oceania. It represents itself as an interdisciplinary and transnational compendium of twentieth- and twenty-first-century visual culture, encompassing the disciplines of design and contemporary art, and the thematic area of Asian and Oceanian visual art culture. We also operate as a small studio dedicated to nurturing young talented artists and bringing quality artwork to global audience. Our vision is to be the world’s most valued art and design collectives from Asia and Oceania to emerging artists, art collectors and the global communities. Through the arts that we promote together we can make the arts an integral part of everyone’s lives.

Our Artwork

Our diverse collection includes arts created by emerging contemporary artists. It includes handmade contemporary paintings, paintings with acrylic and paintings on canvas. Our themes include but not limited to abstract art, modern paintings, minimalist style paintings and large size wall paintings. We do not fix our themes in our curated collections because we believe that celebrating diversity in art is a way that we preserve our rich, cultural traditions as well to support and cultivate young artists.

Kline Collective has curated fine collections that are rooted in countries from Asia and Oceania, including but not limited to, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Tonga. Collectively, all artworks are defined, developed, and examined from a global perspective. Kline Collective collection chronicles the development of modern art by emerging artists from Asia and Oceania over last 10 years. Our curated pieces encompass a broad range of styles and mediums, including paintings on canvas, printmaking, photography, and posters. As a whole, the collection provides a powerful framework for global art lovers to appreciate the diversity in one of the most culturally dynamic regions in the world, starting paintings produced in a small village in China, to a Maori painter speaking abstract expressionism through art in New Zealand.


Why Do We Do it?

We love art. Kline Collective hopes to create opportunities for social discourse, and deepen our understanding about who we are as human beings, cultures, and heritage through the artwork we sell. We also love to engage both the art community and public at large so that we can create a platform for a deep cultural exchange as well as for artistic experimentation. Kline Collective also believes in sustainability. We hope to create an online art selling platform that lends deeper insights into the environmental protection and sustainability through the art buying process. Last but not least, we hope the artwork can make people feel inspired, warm, therapeutic and joyful.

Our Mission

Art can help create opportunities for social discourse, and deepen our understanding about who we are as human beings, cultures and heritage. Kline Collective is serious in bringing original artwork created by emerging artists to global audience. Art should be affordable for all, not just the rich. Kline Collective remembers this simple mantra. We achieve this by building our site to be the most convenient, secure and trustful online portal for art lovers. Kline Collective loves to connect regional art communities to global audience. We hope to inspire humane and sustainable futures through every encounter with art we promote and sell.

Core Values

Our core values give us a framework for leadership and daily decisions and help us enjoy our time at work. The following core values and beliefs define what’s important to us at Kline Collective:

  • Genuine Love for Art
  • Customer Commitment
  • Act with Integrity
  • Respect to People
  • Good Citizenship
  • Quality and Efficiency
  • Embrace Cultural Differences
  • Never Shy Away from Challenges
  • Value Collaboration
  • Be Bold. Be Open. Go Further
  • Go Local. Be Sustainable
  • Art will Set You Free


All of our paintings are made to order, this means as we only produce the artwork we need when we need it, we reduce the amount of materials and storage used therefore helping reduce gas house emissions.

We are very aware that we need to keep searching for new and better ways to be green. Kline Collective is concerned that we leave as small an environmental footprint as possible. We are in a continuous process of reviewing the re-cycled content of our papers, the sustainable sources of the woods we use, the biodegradable credentials of any packaging and the energy we consume.

Giving Back

Kline Collective believes that we should look after and nurture the creative processes and help current and successive generations of artists in their communities. We hope that by displaying the artworks created by emerging artists in Asia and Oceania, it gives public access, both physically and metaphorically, to all segments of society so that art can be and will be the agent of change towards an inclusive society in different parts of the world.

Kline Collective showcases curated collections of premium artworks from emerging artists from Asia and Oceania. We are envisioned as a destination for art in Asia and Oceania, where global art lovers have meaningful opportunities to experience the richness of visual arts from our region. If you want to discuss selling your artwork with us, please contact us.

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