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Galaxy's Horizon

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Frames : Rolled Canvas
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"Galaxy's Horizon" by Elizabeth Mason is a captivating work of art on primed canvas, skillfully crafted using a diverse array of mixed media. In this intriguing composition, Mason combines elements such as recycled coffee grounds and filters, acrylic, gouache, pastels, charcoal, and limestone powder to create a unique visual and tactile experience.

The artwork seamlessly merges the grounding earth and organic textures, inviting viewers to both visually and physically engage with the inherent beauty found in these natural elements. "Galaxy's Horizon" transports the observer to a remote natural world free from light pollution, offering a rare glimpse into a pristine, star-studded galaxy sky. The piece stimulates the imagination, inspiring contemplation about our place in the universe and the untouched beauty that exists beyond our everyday lives. Elizabeth Mason's art encourages a sense of wonder and reverence for the cosmos, beautifully capturing the essence of our connection to the greater celestial realm.

Elevate your space with meticulously hand-painted wall art curated by Kline Collective™, infusing ordinary spaces with renewed vitality and transforming yours into inviting homes.

  • Artist: Elizabeth Mason
  • Hand-painted and signed by artists
  • Non-toxic acrylic paint on museum quality canvas
  • Artwork finished in 14 days
  • Framed by experts, arrives ready to hang
  • Fully insured free express shipping
  • Minor differences due to hand-painted reproductions
  • For custom size and colors, message us
Product Information


  • The canvas used is made of high-quality cotton weighing between 350 and 400gsm, suitable for museum standards.
  • The shadow box floater frame comes in various color options.
  • Each frame is individually crafted and assembled by hand.
  • Non-toxic acrylics and/or mixed media of superior quality are utilized.
  • Framed artwork is carefully packaged in a robust wooden crate to ensure optimal protection during shipping.
  • The frame comes with pre-installed hanging hardware, making it ready for immediate hanging upon arrival.
  • We use high-quality polystyrene for the outer frame and premium pine wood for the inner frame.
  • It is lightweight and effortless to hang up.

Frame Specifications:

  • Face Width: approx. 9 mm, Frame Depth: 35 mm, Rabbet Depth: 23 mm
  • Approx. 20 mm when stretched out in depth
  • You can learn more about the frame specifications here

The Bleed:

  • 50-70mm spacer or full bleed

Mounting Type:

  • Wall Mount
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    Artist: Elizabeth Mason

    Elizabeth Mason is an abstract landscape artist with deep roots in Oceanside, California, who now calls the vibrant city of Los Angeles home. From an early age, art has been her primary means of communication, self-expression, and a unique lens through which she interprets the world. Her artistic journey primarily revolves around mixed media, where she skillfully employs texture to infuse her pieces with a distinct warmth, depth, and dimension, enhancing the rich landscape aspect of her works. Notably, her art has found a home in the collections of distinguished professionals in the interior design industry.

    Elizabeth's artistry is characterized by a profound affinity for nature and an appreciation for art in its myriad forms. While she enjoys exploring diverse mediums and styles, she is particularly drawn to contemporary pieces crafted through mixed media. Here, she masterfully blends gritty, organic elements with fluid paints, achieving an effect that mirrors the very essence of growth in the natural world and the vast expanse of space.

    Her connection to the natural world is a persistent theme in her work, integrating grounding earth and organic textures that invite viewers to both see and physically feel the inherent beauty within these elements. But her art is more than an exploration of nature; it delves into the mysteries of life and our existence, a fascination that has been her artistic muse for years.
    Her creations are visual meditations on the essence of our existence as living organisms adrift in an ever-expanding universe. They explore questions of origin and destiny, encouraging viewers to ponder the mysteries that envelop our existence. Elizabeth's imagination is captivated by the intricate patterns that permeate the natural world, from the intricate branching of tree roots to the ephemeral traces left by retreating waves on a sandy beach. These recurring motifs can be found in everything, from the structure of irises and the lines etched on our hands to the formations that grace the galaxies and the cosmos. Elizabeth perceives an infinite and breathtaking beauty in this symphony of natural patterns.

    As a mother, she has cultivated an even stronger affinity for Mother Nature, embracing the understanding that we are all part of an eternal cycle. While this concept might be daunting to some, Elizabeth finds solace in it, a serenity that she believes many of us seek in times of uncertainty. In her paintings, she strives to capture the simplicity of this inherent beauty, simultaneously expressing her profound awe and admiration for the enigmatic phenomenon of life. Through her art, Elizabeth endeavors to impart the same sense of security and calm that she herself discovers in the act of creation.

    Beyond her collaborations with interior designers, Elizabeth has achieved recognition on multiple artistic platforms. Her work graces the spaces of collectors, spanning from individual art enthusiasts to prominent corporations, studios, retail establishments, and more. These platforms include Wescover, Posner Fine Art, Art Dimensions Inc., Turning Art, and the recent addition of Kline Collective, which has further expanded her reach and introduced her work to a diverse array of appreciative art connoisseurs.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Our Guarantee

    Is the entire crafting of the paintings done by artists?

    Yes. All paintings are 100% handmade by our artists. There is no printing involved in the process. Our artists only use highest-grade oil and acrylic paints.

    Do the paintings come already framed?

    Yes. If you buy your painting with a frame, it will arrived framed to your doorstep. The paintings are stretched and framed by professionals, and then shipped via insured express shipping. All for free.

    Do you ship to my country and how long is the delivery?

    We ship worldwide free of charge. So, yes, we ship to your country!

    After you place your order, the artist will start the painting process. Please understand that this part usually takes up to 3 weeks due to the painting and drying process.

    Shipping is done with DHL express and usually takes up to 5 business days.

    What if I am unsatisfied with my purchase?

    If you are in any way unsatisfied with your painting, contact us within 30 days of receiving the product, and we will offer you a refund. Otherwise, you can request a redo completely free of charge.